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Job interview in 4 days and you really don’t want to go?

Why should you take the time to go to a job interview that is not really tempting you? Despite the fact that you applied for that job, and you do not feel like going to it, a job interview is always a learning and self development opportunity. Here are 2 good reasons for you may […]

Personal SWOT: uncover your potential!

SWOT in business To assess themselves and their competitors, and to formulate their strategies, companies use a SWOT – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats – analysis. But this exercise isn’t just for businesses. SWOT in job search A personal SWOT analysis can do the same for you if you are in pursuit of your career goals or […]

Recruiting in a SME: the challenges of a hiring interview

For a recruiting manger, the interview is a step as decisive as for the candidate. The manager needs to face the challenges of the hiring process, have the right tools, be well prepared and at ease. All this in order to: Obtain the maximum of information needed to well understand the candidate and her talent, […]

Follow us on Facebook!

Here is a quick heads up: Interview Lab is posting also on Facebook. There you find quick updates, quotes of the day, news, questions you may be interested into, and more stuff! So, if you are a Facebook user – and we know some of you are – follow us there to: Talk to us and […]

I think I am saying the right things, but . . .

“I know what I want to say, but I just don’t know how to say it” “I think I am saying the right things, but I’m not getting the response that I want” When preparing for a job interview, have you ever thought like this? If that’s how you felt, then you may want to […]

Seeing is Believing

Why should you accept to be filmed during a mock job interview? What’s in it for you? Watching a video about yourself and how you perform in a simulated job interview, it’s really value adding. In some cases it can be an eye-opener. This is why you should accept to be filmed during a mock job […]

Interview Lab supports SeniorsPlus

SeniorsPlus is an association having the goal of offering a structured, dedicated and tailored support to professionals aged 55 and above. And – in addition – to help them reintegrating back into the work market. Why does Interview Lab support SeniorsPlus? The 55 and above represent an incommensurable richness of know-how and social skills. Based […]

Lausanne Accueil welcomes Interview Lab

On February 4th, 2015, Lausanne Accueil – in collaboration with Interview Lab – has proposed to its members a workshop on a new approach to job interviews. The goal of the workshop was to help participants understand the employers’ perspective and how to play into their needs effectively. About 10 members attended with interest this […]