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How effective is your hiring process ?

A job interview is like conducting any other business meeting. It can be: shake hands, some small talk, ask questions, etc. Or it can be much more: more effective, focused, efficient. While good meetings can make crucial contributions to your company’s success, bad ones waste your time and hence money. Same occurs with job interviews. Your […]

Self-confidence: needed for all success

Self-confidence is critical and needed for any success: professional, social, and personal. Projecting self-confidence in a job search and interviews is as fundamental. It makes you move forwards and grab opportunities when they arise. It allows you to think and act based on your judgment, without focusing too much on what others may think. What do […]

Get the “wow” effect!

I was doing some business reading this morning, and an article caught my attention. It was about startups, business ideas, and the “wow” effect an idea should generate. The key point was that both parties should “wow”: the entrepreneur and the market. The entrepreneur because he owns the idea and he’s passionate of what he […]

Because you’re worth it

Be self-assured and confident. Become aware that you are worth it, and make this motto yours. Do like the brand L’Oréal Paris who made it its own signature. If you lack in self confidence, you are wrong. For the reason that you have competences, qualifications, qualities. . . You have talent and experience. Certainly you did […]

In an organization as in the kitchen: quality and variety

Quality and variety The key of success for a company is not so different from that of a good cooking recipe. In both cases, it is the ability of the chef (the leadership team) to identify, select and mix the best ingredients (talents’ profiles and experience, balance by gender, age, etc.). This is what makes […]

Job interview: I’m scared!

Are you irresponsible if you are not scared before a job interview? . . . Maybe not, if you belong to the Y generation, who moves easily from one job to the next one. Otherwise, it’s quite normal to feel a bit uncomfortable. Ok, maybe words such as “scared” or “frightened” are too strong. But […]

Do you sparkle in job interviews?

You’ve applied, and applied…. and applied. And now finally you have an interview! Yes, you made it! You feel like you have been selected for the Olympic games. You feel great! Then, suddenly, you feel butterflies in your stomach: you have to interview. Ok, no panic. You have been preparing for it, and you still […]

Recruiting in a SME: the challenges

That’s real life: recruiting in a SME is a challenge. Because is often done in a hurry after an employee departure or a lack of personnel due – for example – to a sudden business growth. In these situations, the hiring manager is frequently led to look for a quick fix. Therefore he goes for […]

3 tactics for successful job search. Try Differently!

When you find yourself putting more and more effort into applying for jobs, and this is bringing less and less results, maybe you should not keep on trying. Well, this does not mean that you should stop, but rather try differently. There’s no magic formula, but hopefully these 3 ideas will provide you some fresh […]

Small Talk: build rapport with your interviewer

Quickly giving a good first impression to build rapport with your interviewer When the recruiter comes to pick you up at the reception, be careful not to let silence go on for too long, while you walk to the room where the interview is taking place. If you really don’t know what to say, or you […]