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How to answer “Tell me about yourself”

“Tell me about yourself” or “Walk me through your resume (or your CV)” is a very common question during a job interview. As you know it’s probably coming, expect for it, prepare for it, and answer it effectively. No need to get nervous. This question is usually among the first ones in an interview. Because […]

How do you feel when you think you have to pitch?

It’s not rare that I hear people who have to pitch for a job or for their start-up saying that they feel more comfortable to speak as a subject matter expert at a big conference, rather than talk about themselves (or their new business) and how good they are. They are concerned to come off […]

Reinvent your career: make your talent your new job!

Are you considering to reinvent your career? I did it. I went through career transition, I experienced it. At that time, I have been discussing with friends who were in the same situation on how to find a job and reorient our career. At the beginning, it was not easy, it was disorientating, stressful, and […]

January: prime time for job search?

Yes, January is prime time job search. If you are in job transition or you want to reorient your career, the next few weeks may seem like the worst time possible to search. Between getting back to reality after end of year vacations, and the feeling that hiring managers are focused on other business than […]

Skype job interview practice

How to ensure you impress your interviewer A job interview is the time and place to impress your potential employer. Your future job depends on your performance and your self-confidence during that short period of time. That’s when you have to demonstrate all your potential, skills and expertise. Basically, to prove you are the right person […]

Find out how to answer tough interview questions

When it comes to interviews, you need to be ready for (almost) anything. This video about job interviewing at Heineken – no matter if it is staged or real – is a good example of unusual and unexpected situations you may have to face. Without going so far – while there are some questions you’ll […]

The power of smiling

Smiling during a job interview will not hurt you! Actually a smile can get you hired. Here is how . . . When your interlocutor comes to pick you up at the reception, smile to her while shaking her hand. Show that you are happy to be there, and you are motivated. Don’t forget that […]

Do you like job interviews?

“Enjoy an interview? Surely not!”. If this is how you feel, you are not alone. This is what I most often hear. And I respect it. There’s a lot at stake, and an hour-long conversation can strongly influence the next 5 or even 20 years of a life. Still interviews are not a bad thing, […]

CV: how long is too long?

The length of your CV can be crucial in determining whether you get the interview. So, how long should a CV be? Think about it: if you were the recruiter, and you have more than 100 of them to read in one morning, how much time would you want to dedicate to reading each? Would […]

Shift your perspective and transform your interview experience

A job interview is a simple conversation. But if you are among those who go to job interviews expecting to be interrogated, questioned, grilled, squeezed like a lemon, then keep on reading. Be the solution. In a job interview, the recruiter is there to address a need for personnel, to replace someone who left or to […]