Strengthen the confidence of our clients. Using a personalised and on demand approach, we focus on practice and growing personal self-awareness, because

  • Each person and situation is unique, and deserves a personalised service of high quality.

  • Nothing replaces practice. Simulating a job interview by putting candidates in a real interview simulation situation, allows them to refine their communication skills, and make them more natural and effective when facing a future employer.

  • Being filmed and receiving constructive feedback to reinforce the connection between theory and practice, generates awareness on their own performance.


  • young talents who have completed their studies to get their first job.

  • professionals who want to take on a new challenge.

Enable them to

  • practice job interview simulations in a real context.

  • receive constructive feedback on their level of preparation and authenticity.

With the goal of

  • refining their verbal communication.

  • enhancing their ability to give value to their competencies.

  • increasing their probability of finding a job rapidly.

All this within a spirit of respect, confidentiality, active listening and understanding.