Consulting and support to SME and micro companies

  • The recruitment process starts well before the job interview. It starts with a clear definition of the organisation’s needs, en effective job description, and a job add that captures the attention of talents.

  • You can’t improvise a job interview. It requires preparation, learning and practicing the interview process, acquiring techniques to ask questions and appropriate tools to take decisions in an effective and objective way.

  • One of the differences between companies that grow and those who struggle to stay in business, is the choice of talented employees who fit well into the organisation.

  • Even though it’s the organization that knows at best its needs, a fresh and professional view on the position and on the recruitment process can be useful to view things from a different perspective, to optimise time utilisation, and to train less experience managers on how to recruit successfully.


  • Managers and Team leaders who have to recruit talents.

  • Managers and Team leaders who need to conduct difficult interviews and conversations.

Enable them to

  • Learn and practice a framework for recruitment process and interviewing.

  • Acquire tools and techniques to support objective and effective decisions making.

With the goal of

  • Become more comfortable in different interview contexts.

  • Lead interviews in an effective and respectful way.


To properly answer to the needs and challenges of your organisation, we design on demand value propositions.