« I found Flavia through LinkedIn and she responded immediately with my last-minute request to prepare for an interview. We did this over Skype since my first interview was also going to be through this platform, and she provided feedback, especially on how to word my answers. With her help, I made it through the second round of interviews, and we worked together again (this time in person). For each session, she came prepared with different questions that were relevant to my position, it was evident that she tailored the interview to the job description and my resume. Flavia is also very personable, as she followed up each step of the way and gave me extra tips to overcome my anxiety and fears! In the end I was shortlisted for the position, but the employer was looking for someone with a technical skill I did not have. I definitely recommend her services, it had been a while since I had to apply for jobs and practicing with Flavia gave me the confidence to impress the interviewers! »

Carolina Chanis

MBA, MSc, Business Developer

« I benefited form the service. It was a mock job interview. I spent over 90 minutes with 2 consultants to go through the interview simulation and the debriefing. The exercise has been conducted without any complacency and provided me with several hints for improving my future interviews.

I warmly recommend to all professionals –  whether they are in job transition or not – to take advantage of this value adding service, and I thank the consultants for sharing their experience in a demanding, professional and constructive way! »

Alexis Barbey

Founder CAP Conseil en Affaires Publiques

« During my job search, thanks to this service, I participated to a job interview simulation.

By doing this exercise, I put  myself into the real context, and I prepared for the job interview simulation with the same tension and apprehension as for a real one. I needed to know which impression and image I project to a recruiter, if my verbal communication and my body language are coherent, if I am able to clearly convey my key competencies, if I answer to difficult questions in an appropriate manner and whether I can reassure and convince the interviewers with effective answers and without loosing myself in details.

I felt that I was in a real job interview! As I wanted to practice an interview in English, the consultants interviewed me alternating between French and English as in a real situation. Moreover, they asked me difficult and unexpected questions, as happens in reality.

Feedback was provided in a constructive and friendly way, highlighting both my strengths and some small points to pay attention to. I left with food for thought and advice tailored to me. Since then I have been working to improve my pitch and to give more value to my professional background and experience.

This has been a very enriching experience and I felt  valued by these professional people. This exercise significantly helped me to regain self-confidence, to believe in my competencies, to reassure me about my ability to convince , and – last but not least – to motivate me in my job search which is capital in a job transition period.

I warmly recommend to anyone who is looking for a job and/or has not done job interviews for a while, to go through this exercise, and to benefit from the expertise of  a team of experienced professionals. »

Gaëlle Wüscher

Project Coordinator Sales, Marketing, Events

« I found the services to be extremely helpful on several different levels.

Firstly, the consultants are professionals who have experience in Human Resources and the corporate world and know what interviewers look for and want from a potential employee.

Secondly, they analyze your performance and provide useful feedback on various job hunting tools ranging from cover letters to resumes to interviewing. 

It’s thanks to the skilled consultants that I was able to significantly improve my cover letter writing techniques, learning how to capture the attention and interest of the company to which I am writing and to make them see why I deserve to already be part of their corporate team.  

Furthermore, the mock interview provided me with important feedback that I was immediately able to apply to future interviews. Many people believe to have the necessary skills to undertake job-hunting, but in fact, we could all learn a key trick or two to add to the toolbox. 

All in all, I encourage EVERYONE to take advantage of this important service to improve their job search skills and have already suggested it to my own friends who have been equally pleased»

Dr. Liz Huber

Chemical / Mechanical Engineer

« After my training as a butcher and 5 years of work in a Coop butcher department, I become assistant and then store manager. Then I have been department manager at Micarna SA. 

During an unemployment period, I took advantage of a job interview simulation with Mrs Spasiano.  The professionalism,  the seriousness and the appropriateness of the questions asked by the interviewers allowed me to become more aware of the points I should work on, and that I should better prepare for certain types of questions.

In the real interviews I did after the simulation exercise, I put in practice the advice I had received. This allowed me to be effective, more self confident, and even to impress the interviewers with my level of preparation!

I want to thank Mrs Spasiano and her colleague who conducted the session with her for what their work brought me. »

Nicolas Geinoz

« In work for over 20 years, my business environment has been continuously evolving. From the technical point of view, I kept myself up to date in terms of knowledge and competences thanks to an appropriate continuous education.

Despite my profile and the good content of my CV, at a certain point, I realised that I was less prepared when it came to present my projects and defend them in front of an audience of decision makers or entrepreneurs.

The Interview-Lab team allowed me to fill this gap by sharing their experience with me. Thanks to their workshop based on practice and simulation of real situations, I quickly enhanced my ability to give value to my own competencies  and have a more effective communication when facing decision makers. Today, my ability to convince  allows me to be at ease in a strategic meeting with influential people.

I warmly recommend the Interview-Lab service to all people desiring to boost their communication skills potential. »

Bernard Vaucher

Engineer ETS

« InnoPark having tested these job interview simulation sessions from August to November 2014 with 21 participants, I have sufficient evidence and feedback from candidates to say that the experience was worth it and the concept was successfully perceived.

Therefore I recommend this service to people who are in job transition. »

François A. Egger

InnoPark Suisse SA

Director & Coordinator Suisse Romande

« I met Flavia at Symposium Career in Science. Her talk was impressive, and I thought would be interesting to kept in touch. Flavia is a good listener and gave me many advise for my career development, and also good tips about the CV preparation. After our meeting I look with more interest also to some “hidden” skills that I was not taking in consideration before, but that could be important to attract the interest of the recruiters.»

Anna Vannelli

« I met Flavia through a common friend when I was moving to Italy and from day one she struck me as an extremely dependable and knowlegeable person, who is sincerely interested to help others to succeed. When I started my job search in Italy, I asked for her professional advice and she immediately responded, setting up a clear working plan, stating our objectives and providing constructive feedback to improve my chances to find a job. Her genuine interest in finding out the passion and talents in people is remarkable. She was super fast in responding to my questions and provided very useful and sharp advice. Without a doubt, I would recommend Flavia if you are looking for personalized support to find a job or succeed in an interview.  »

Gabriela Teran Malo

« Thanks Flavia for your advice on my CV and my LinkedIn profile, thanks to your good recommendations you helped me give more value to my profile. You have an effective approach and you are able to quickly make people shine and understand what they need. Quick and pragmatic. A big thank you. »

Rosa Caruso

HR Consultant

«Dear Flavia,

Thank you very much for your training sessions! They have been for me really useful, I learnt a lot, and I am sure that your suggestions will be very valuable for the job search. I really enjoyed your style, the way you present and motivate the participants, the pleasant atmosphere you can create – and of course I appreciated the richness of the content very much. A big thank you!»


« I have met Mrs. Spasiano and  Interview Lab while I was doing searching for professional opportunities in the Swiss market. Since the very beginning I got an excellent feedback and useful insights. Recently I had a very sharp revision of my CV and LinkedIn page. I truly recommend the services. »


« Preparing for job search is not easy. There are so many things to consider, so many aspects of the own CV, cover letter and approach to interviews that one can improve and twist in a different way than initially thought. The training with Flavia Spasiano at Interview Lab, that I recently attended, helped so much with that! I really appreciated the richness of the content, the way Flavia presents, motivates and leads to reflection – all this in a pleasant, friendly and constructive atmosphere. Thank you Flavia!»

Valentina Rossetti

Research Manager

« . . . I would like to say that you really made everyone feel comfortable and “safe”. I think your contributions were very useful. The way you structured the course was very well done and easy to understand. . . . I was extremely impressed by the interview coaching and how you correctly interpreted the description of the job and the size of the team just by reading the job description. Also your feedback was very interesting and surely useful for in the future.»


« We had the privilege of collaborating with Mrs Spasiano at Power Hub Zug, our non-profit association dedicated to supporting Ukrainian war migrants in their job search in Switzerland. Her commitment to making a positive impact and contributing to our community has truly stood out.

We want to express our sincere gratitude to Mrs Spasiano for conducting 20 mentorship’ sessions with mentees during Wave 2.0 and Wave 3.0.
We appreciate Mrs Spasiano for her contribution to interview skills development, as one of the lead interview experts and an ambassador of mock interviews at Power Hub Zug.
Throughout the Waves, Mrs Spasiano provided valuable guidance on job search strategy, CV and cover letter crafting, interview preparation, and effective use of LinkedIn.

Mrs Spasiano possesses an exceptional blend of interviewing skills and a deep understanding of the job market. Her expertise has been instrumental in guiding participants through the intricacies of job searching in Switzerland.

We wholeheartedly recommend Mrs Spasiano to anyone seeking a person with a profound leadership and industry understanding, exceptional interpersonal skills, and a genuine passion for making a difference. She has been an invaluable asset to our program, and we are confident she will continue to inspire and guide others in their professional journeys.»

Power Hub Zug Association

« I had the pleasure to meet Flavia through LinkedIn in Nov / Dec 2020. I was looking for myself for material to improve my LinkedIn profile and ‘Brand’ image. At that time there were a couple of packages promotions for either CV lab / Coaching / Linked insight or a mix. After asking a few questions of the service on offer, in a matter of a hours, I have decided to offer this opportunity as a Xmas present for a dear friend. A dear friend was at a cross roads between Maternity vs Covid vs Career to pivot. My friend was surprised and over the moon about this Xmas special ‘present’. Flavia managed the relation with my friend very delicately. Flavia let the client to approach and work at her own rhythm on the ‘homework’ points and when things looked stuck, Flavia took the control. After 3 months from consultancy my friend has received a job, a consultancy offers and to that respect Flavia has played an important role. There is a lot more to be done on all these social networks and to ‘brand’ yourself, however Flavia can coach you to the level you would like to be. Of course, the language skills were important as the client was French and applying for French market that has its own particularities. Highly recommend the Interview Lab for any level of improvement of an individual, the service will always be tailored to your needs. »