Make your Friday afternoon productive

It’s Friday afternoon, yuppy! The week-end is almost there . . . So why would you want to think about your job search? You’ve already been doing it all week long. Hence you had enough of it! . . . Well, there few things you can do to make your Friday afternoon productive.

Some say Friday afternoon is optimal for applying for jobs. That’s because some hiring managers tend to check applications during the week-end, while doing and focusing on their core job (the “real business”) during the other week days. . . . Others say that applying on Fridays or Wednesdays does not change much. But this is not my point today.

As a job seeker, there are few things you can consider doing on your Friday afternoon. These don’t take much time, but they could give you a edge:

1. Ask yourself “How did my job search go during the week? What went well and what less well? What should I continue doing, stop doing, or change next week?”

2. Set your 3 to 5 priorities for next week, and make a list of people you should follow-up with.

3. Do some casual networking. The people you want to reach to, may be more relaxed just before the week-end. Or they may have time for you as on Friday afternoon there are usually less meetings scheduled and emails volume tends to go down.

. . . Then, start planning for your week-end and ENJOY IT!