Feedback: job seakers need it. Everyone needs it.

At Interview Lab we enjoy accompanying people in preparing for job interviews. It is so rewarding to see the progresses they make in navigating conversations with interviewers and recruiting manager, and the success they have.

But there are also times when we have to deliver some constructive feedback. There are messages that the people we accompany need to hear if they want to progress in their job search and ace their job interview. There are blind spots they need to become aware of in order to improve the image they project and to become more self-aware. Though this is not always enjoyable, at Interview Lab we are not scared of giving this feedback. This is because we have learnt to do it in an honest, respectful and positive way. Without hurting the recipient’s feelings, which is often what makes people shy away from giving it.

Feedback: what makes it painful.

Offering constructive feedback can be difficult for the person giving it, as much as for the person receiving it. In fact, providing good feedback to others is a powerful skill. But often it does not happen naturally and we are clumsy in delivering it. On the other hand, while receiving feedback offers an opportunity for self-reflection and development, we often live it as a criticism. But this is fundamental for job seekers to improve their interviewing skills and ace their job interviews. 

This is why at Interview Lab we offer training courses and workshops on giving and receiving feedback. These address what is a good feedback, and how to deliver and receive it. And there is also a good amount of time to practice situations. The objective is to learn techniques to develop feedback skills, and feel comfortable in giving and receiving it.

Feedback: everyone needs it.

Of course, our trainings and workshops are not only for job seekers. They are open and intended for anyone.  Because everyone needs it at onetime or another. Imagine that since few weeks, the attitude of a colleague or a friend bothers you, and you don’t know how to tell her. Or a team member or a student is producing poor results, and it is you responsibility to tell him. In such situations, by learning how to give a good feedback, we can help a friend, a colleague, a person to learn something about herself and the impact her actions have on us and on the others. This gives the person an opportunity to be better. And it creates better relationships too.

Feedback: Interview Lab’s offer

Interview Lab feedback courses are proposed by the Ecole Club Migros in Canton Vaud (Switzerland) to their teachers, and they are available in their courses catalogue too.

Flexible and tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, Interview Lab feedback courses and workshops are available in English, French and Italian. Duration and topics covered can be determined through discussions with the client.

Do not hesitate to contact us even if your requirements are not yet clear. We can put together a rough proposal for you to pick and choose from, or we can organize a meeting to discuss it.