In an organization as in the kitchen: quality and variety

Quality and variety

The key of success for a company is not so different from that of a good cooking recipe. In both cases, it is the ability of the chef (the leadership team) to identify, select and mix the best ingredients (talents’ profiles and experience, balance by gender, age, etc.). This is what makes the difference.

Good ingredients

It all starts with them. You have to select ingredients carefully based on clear specifications and high quality standards (job description). You should favor those with a label of origin such as Bio, AOC, AOP (work and education certificates). And you must ensure that each ingredient marries well with the others. That there will be no off-note. Because harmony leads to perfection!

Balance and variety

These are critical to obtain an optimal nutritive value. A healthy dish is prepared with ingredients representing the 4 food groups. If you achieve the right mix among them, and have good kitchen utensils, then you can secure a delicious and nutrient result. In the same way, a good mix of profiles, competences and – why not – gender and age allow an organization to be healthy and flourish in a harmonious way.

Best preparation practices

In your kitchen, you should not neglect the respect of the best preparation practices. These will ensure a high quality resault and experience (recruitment process and integration in the job).

The outcome

All this makes a recipe (organization) a unique experience that everyone will be happy to live as long as possible. Something that they will be proud and happy to talk about, and that they would recommend to others.