Because you’re worth it

Be self-assured and confidentBecome aware that you are worth it, and make this motto yours. Do like the brand L’Oréal Paris who made it its own signature.

If you lack in self confidence, you are wrong. For the reason that you have competences, qualifications, qualities. . . You have talent and experience. Certainly you did not get where you are just by chance. You made progresses in your career, and you have a list of accomplishments you can be proud of.

The fact that you took a few years brake to take care of your family and your children, does not diminish all this. Actually, it complements it. Think about what you learnt during this period of time, and what competences you actively practiced. Because, as a parent, you can provide good evidence of organizing, planning, dealing with uncertainty, negotiating, adapting communication to the audience, . . .

Learn to know yourself and solicit feedback.

Want to try a small exercise? Conduct a mini survey among your friends, acquaintances and professional network. Ask them 3 questions:

  • Which 3 words describe me the most?
  • Which are the 3 things I’m good at?
  • What are the 3 main opportunities I have for progressing?

I know many of you don’t like these questions, but maybe it’s time to look at them differently . . .

What do you gain from knowing yourself?

First of all, to become more self-aware of who you are, that you have strengths and weaknesses, and which ones you have. Consequently to recognize that you have them. In addition, you can use these findings to feed your personal SWOT analysis and determine how well you fit in a particular job.

Also, to value your competences and behaviors, as well as become more accountable for your own development.

Furthermore, to compare your self-perception with that of others. This is a critical element to enhance your influence on others (e.g. a recruiter, your manager, others in an organization).

And finally, to be honest in a strategic way. Because by knowing yourself, you learn to state only the truth while smoothening the edges, so to push you into the foreground.

Discover your own resources, and recognize your value. Become self-assured and confident. Be assertive, affirm yourself, and go for it. So, are you going to do it?