Do you sparkle in job interviews?

You’ve applied, and applied…. and applied. And now finally you have an interview! Yes, you made it! You feel like you have been selected for the Olympic games. You feel great!

Then, suddenly, you feel butterflies in your stomach: you have to interview.

Ok, no panic. You have been preparing for it, and you still have a bit of time to tweak it. But, where to focus your efforts?

You have been preparing, so you have set solid foundations for a successful interview, now you have to ensure you sparkle. You have to show that you have that extra something.

But something like what?! Well, think of what makes you interesting, unique, special. This can be something that is relevant for the organization and the position you are applying for, or it can be something else that shows how engaged and passionate you are.

Don’t be shy, dare, don’t say something generic. Draw from your personal experience. And then – during the interview – listen actively to what the interviewer says, and build on it. Consider also building your personal SWOT analysis to help you determine how well you fit in a particular job, and benchmark yourself against other candidates and the job requirements.

Of course, the recruiter wants to know if you can do the job, but she is also curious about what it will be like to work with and how you fit in the organisation. Be brave, be bright, you are your chance to sparkle in your job interview!