Over 50 and job searching?

For anyone over 50, the sad (depressing?) reality is that a job search is likely to be particularly challenging, much more than for younger people. They’ll tell you that you are too old, overqualified, too expensive, etc. What to do about it? Here are 5 tips to land your job when you are over 50. The first 3 are more strategic, the last 2 are more on the operational side.

1. Refresh your skills set and make them look current

Why? Because you want to address any concerns about your technology skills, your flexibility, or your ability to adapt and integrate in a new and different culture.

If you do not have software skills, take a course, train yourself.

Consult, blog, mentor to show you are active in your field.

If you have experience or volunteering in a multi-generational environment, say it.

2. Have a digital presence

Why? Because you want to be visible on the media recruiters use to find candidates. These include Linkedin and other social media.

Create or refresh your profile, learn how to send a personalized invitation to connect.

Be active, post, blog to increase your visibility.

3. Show that you are non-threatening and teachable

Why? Because you can be sure that – if you are interviewed by a manager younger than you – he will be wondering whether you’ll undermine his authority.

Don’t talk too much about all the stuff you have done and can do.

Focus on the position you are applying for and your ability to do get into the job quickly and smoothly.

4. Go for 10+ years experience

Why? Because you’ll never see a job posting that asks for 20+ years of experience.

Mention 10+ years experience is usually enough. In case of a C-suite, senior position, you can go up to 15+ years.

5. Use a contemporary email account

Why? Because a AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo email address marks you as dated.

Have a gmail or outlook one.

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