Seeing is Believing

surprised businesswoman with laptop

Why should you accept to be filmed during a mock job interview? What’s in it for you?

Watching a video about yourself and how you perform in a simulated job interview, it’s really value adding. In some cases it can be an eye-opener. This is why you should accept to be filmed during a mock job interview. Because it provides evidence or counter-evidence (observable facts) about how you behave. And it can help you change your beliefs about your performance. Sometimes you may find it difficult to believe what another person tells you . . . till you see it yourself.

If you watch yourself, you’ll believe it more than if you get verbal feedback from another person (e.g. the interviewer). You can then decide if and how the feedback you received is relevant to you.

Watching yourself in the video of a job interview does not refer only to “visual” seeing yourself. It’s also about sensing and perception. It provides you insights about how you use your voice, your vocabulary, your non-verbal language, the accuracy of your answers, etc.

In one sentence, it helps you to prevent or eliminate avoidable blind spots, hence it make you more self aware and therefore more effective.