The power of smiling

Smiling during a job interview will not hurt you! Actually a smile can get you hired. Here is how . . .

When your interlocutor comes to pick you up at the reception, smile to her while shaking her hand. Show that you are happy to be there, and you are motivated. Don’t forget that the initial few moments are key, and this creates a positive connection. It generates a sense of confidence, it relax the atmosphere . . . moreover, smiling is contagious!

If you are in a phone interview, smiling is perceived too. The voice intonation changes, and the conversation becomes more positive.

For us at Interview Lab, smiling during an interview is a key element . . . even though it is not necessarily the easiest one, especially at the beginning of the session. Stress can make you smile a bit less than what you would do in another situation . . . Well, if you don’t feel too comfortable, try to smile, and you’ll feel better! . . . Remember: a smile – your smile – can get you hired.

Think that you have been contacted for an interview, and that your profile interests the recruiter. As such, you should feel well and go to the interview  with a nice good smile on your face! . . . being in a job interview does not mean being as serious as possible to be taken seriously!