Small Talk: build rapport with your interviewer

Quickly giving a good first impression to build rapport with your interviewer

When the recruiter comes to pick you up at the reception, be careful not to let silence go on for too long, while you walk to the room where the interview is taking place.

If you really don’t know what to say, or you are short of topics, look at the environment around you. Then mention – for example – the good natural light in the offices or the nice architecture of the building.

That’s when you can score some good points.

Mastering small talk is precious and key for connecting to others

Every new contact starts with some small talk, an informal and gentle type of conversation not covering any functional topic, and showing that the parties have friendly intentions and desire to setting up a relationship.

If you can make your interlocutor smile, then it’s great! Smiling and a discreet laughing create a positive connection.

By the way, on the day of the interview, have a look at the newspaper: there you may find some suitable small talk topics to feed the conversation with the recruiter.

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