Shift your perspective and transform your interview experience

A job interview is a simple conversation. But if you are among those who go to job interviews expecting to be interrogated, questioned, grilled, squeezed like a lemon, then keep on reading.

Be the solution.

In a job interview, the recruiter is there to address a need for personnel, to replace someone who left or to fill a new position. For this reason – by offering your services – you are there to propose a solution to his need.

A two-way conversation.

The job interview is a key moment for the interviewer to get to know you. He wants to see that you are the right candidate for the organization and the job. Because he wants to check that you have the needed profile, with the required competences, the right motivation, a fitting personality, etc. For you it’s the same. Likewise, you are there to verify and validate that you are applying at a company and for a position that suits you. Does the company and the job meet your needs in terms of values, career aspiration, responsibilities, etc.? Do you feel you fit there?

As the Dalaï Lama said: “We have no good reason to fear contact with other people. We only have to realize that they are human beings like ourselves, with the same aspirations and the same needs, and it becomes easy to break the ice and communicate”.

A conversation among peers.

Never forget that a job interview is – in first place – a conversation between two human beings, among peers. So, look at it as an exchange with someone who has similar professional interests, who usually opens the interview with an easy question such as “Tell me about yourself” to make you feel comfortable, who wants to see you express yourself at best, who is looking for the rare pearl. Consequently, look at him as one of your peers. And demonstrate with your behaviour that you actually are one of them, and that you have the right self-confidence.

So, how do you feel about it?

We hope that this post provides different perspective of job interviews. A more balanced and fair view of them. And now you it’s your turn to act!