Recruiting in a SME: the challenges of a hiring interview

For a recruiting manger, the interview is a step as decisive as for the candidate. The manager needs to face the challenges of the hiring process, have the right tools, be well prepared and at ease. All this in order to:

  • Obtain the maximum of information needed to well understand the candidate and her talent, and decide how to continue the recruitment process;
  • Optimise the use of time dedicated to recruitment and interviewing. Yes, because it takes time!
  • Convey a positive and professional image of the organisation he represents.

What price do you give to your time?

Your time is precious. Probably it is the most valuable resource you have, so it’s not the case to waste it. By prospecting and meeting a limited number of talents, there’s the risk of missing the right one. But meeting many means multiplying the risk of loosing time.

What is the value of your image and the one of your organisation?

You can not afford to make mistakes as your image – as a person and as a professional – as well as that of your organisation are at stake. Talking about their experience with job interviews, several candidates report a lack of professionalism from the hiring manager (quality of welcome, poor preparation, etc.). Perception of lack of respect to a candidate during an interview may strongly affect the organisation . . . bad news travel fast!

Moreover – to attract talents – your company needs to have a positive reputation. And this has to be appealing and attractive!

What does it cost to hire?

The future of your organisation depends on your recruitment success, and you risk not making the right choice. The quality of the relationship you establish during a job interview, the transparency of the information sharing with the candidate, and the level of communication between he two of you are the warranty of a quality decision. You are looking for a qualified professional, for a talent, not for just filling a position.

Furthermore, selecting a candidate is a financial effort for your budget. Your goal is to integrate well and rapidly the person, and have her contribute steadily to the development of your business and its success. That’s why you don’t want to do it wrong!

Why to account for these challenges?

As an operations manager, a good job interview allows you to identify and discover a new professional, her job history and experience, her career aspirations, her talent. This is a stupendous experience and a great source of motivation.

What a pleasure to recruit a professional and see her performing in the organisation over time!