Job interview in 4 days and you really don’t want to go?

Why should you take the time to go to a job interview that is not really tempting you?

Despite the fact that you applied for that job, and you do not feel like going to it, a job interview is always a learning and self development opportunity.

Here are 2 good reasons for you may consider showing up.  And there are few more!

To know if you are that special someone

If you are invited to a job interview, it means that you have been remarked. Your profile has been retained among several others, probably among many! So, yes, you have something special.

It’s always interesting to have evidence – a benchmark – to support your request for a salary increase or to negotiate a promotion. Even if you have a job and are not considering a change, it’s good to have a reference from the market . . . Of course, use these data with care!

To receive a feedback from a specialist in recruitment

No matter if positive or negative, a feedback is always valuable. It provides you insights on how you can enhance your performance in a job interview, and how you are perceived.

In the same spirit, practicing a mock-up job interview offers you the same benefits.

Correct, it’s not a real interview, and there’s little at stake. However, a good preparation definitely allows you to increase your ability to give value to your competences, refine your communication and – if you need it – to lower your stress level.