January: prime time for job search?

Yes, January is prime time job search. If you are in job transition or you want to reorient your career, the next few weeks may seem like the worst time possible to search. Between getting back to reality after end of year vacations, and the feeling that hiring managers are focused on other business than hiring, you may fear your application will go unnoticed and lay buried under a big pile of other résumés and emails. Wrong!

This is actually the right time to prepare for a brand new year!

Read on for some tips. Though they may not be new to you, you may look at them with a fresh eye.

  1. Keep on spending time with friends and family for the next few days, and use it as an opportunity to activate your network and practice your pitch with those you have not seen since long time. Take the time to reach out!
  2. Revamp your CV, and remove anything that is no longer relevant. Imagine it’s a sort of spring cleaning!
  3. Update and refresh your profile on social networks. Look at other professionals’ profiles and what is good and less good about them. Learn by observing!
  4. Create a new cover letter with a sparkling intro.
  5. Make your new year’s resolutions, and make them more specific and actionable than a simple “get a new job”.

What am I trying to say?

That January is:

  • The time when the budget of many companies starts. Hence this means fuel for new positions!
  • A more optimistic month for looking for a new opportunity.
  • The right time to make your plan, and think on how you want to conduct your game.

There is a good reason to be excited about this new year and the opportunities it will bring. January is prime time job search, so are you ready for it?