Interview Lab supports SeniorsPlus


SeniorsPlus is an association having the goal of offering a structured, dedicated and tailored support to professionals aged 55 and above. And – in addition – to help them reintegrating back into the work market.

Why does Interview Lab support SeniorsPlus?

The 55 and above represent an incommensurable richness of know-how and social skills. Based on what I have observed in my work, they also provide good evidence of their skills and competences during job interviews.

In fact, among their talents, I have retained some in particular:

  • Some specific competences (e.g. risk management, interpersonal relationships, negotiation skills, respect, calm during tough times);
  • Strong sense of loyalty toward the organization;
  • Good capability and willingness to share value adding knowledge with others in the organisation.

A senior aged 55 or more – who takes on a new professional challenge – can bring a lot to the organization. And will stay for long, minimum 10 years!

. . .  How many younger professionals would ensure the same, and stay as long in the same job?

During a job interview, the questions to ask are:

  • Which are the needs of the organization and the job?
  • Which competences are required?
  • What is needed to enhance the level of competences required?

The question is not to know the age of the candidate!

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